Why Mybar

Most loading or ‘lumper’ services try to be all things to all people. They have no problem behaving as a temporary staffing company when it suits their needs. Mybar strives to do that which our competition refuses to do–be a true fixed-cost labor provider. Currently, we do not have any accounts that invoice our customers at an hourly or overtime rate. You will never see management, administrative or cost plus adjustments invoiced to our clients. To succeed, Mybar must dovetail into our customers operations and understand and deliver using our customer’s definitions of success. We specialize in taking the sting out of labor costs associated with high touch and labor intensive operations.

Loading and Unloading Operations

  • Trailer / Container Loading and Unloading
  • Shipping and Receiving Operations
  • Cross dock and Transloading

Warehouse Operations

  • Order Fulfillment & Picking
  • Kitting – Labeling – Packaging
  • Assembly and Subassembly
  • Special Projects

Supply Chain Solutions

  • Dedicated Route Delivery and Transportation
  • Yard Management Services

To meet and exceed your needs, Mybar is ready to employ our wealth of experiences learned over our more than 70 year in the transportation and warehousing industry. Our simplified business model is reflected in our three strategic advantages. These are our core strategies to bring value and efficiency to your work environment.

3 Strategic Advantages for Using Mybar Services

  1. Fixed Labor Costs:  Mybar is a true fixed cost labor provider.  The rate we provide you is the rate we invoice you.  We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business prior to negotiating our rates.  Once a rate for your needs is agreed upon, it becomes our responsibility to manage our costs and meet your needs.  We do not invoice for overtime, additional head count or a myriad of other labor related excuses.  True fixed labor costs.  No Excuses, just results.
  2. Pay-for-Performance:   Our creative performance payroll models set us apart from our competition.  On a daily basis, the amount of compensation to our workers predominantly depends on the accuracy, efficiency, and overall quality of their work performed.  Mybar adapted our performance-based payroll structure from our material handling and lumping experience to incent our workers.  Getting the job done correctly the first time while promoting increased productivity and efficiency for your operation is our mission.
  3. Warehouse Solutions Bundling:   Mybar has the capacity to meet many of your labor, transportation, warehousing and yard management needs.  With an efficiency of scale, Mybar can deliver many solutions at discounted rates and provide an umbrella invoice to manage your varied needs.  By combining your needs, your operation can save money and improve invoicing and cost management efficiency.


Mybar Services prides itself on partnering with the best technology companies to assist is data tracking and capture.  Reports can be customized and available through our personal customer portal 24/7.  We capture data on your dock as it happens. This allows us to offer our customers an unprecedented view of their operational efficiency.

  • Hand-held, on the dock data capture.
  • Real-time, web-based access to your data.
  • Customized efficiency and KPI reporting.
  • Immediate feedback on your operation and the vendors you rely on to make it happen.